Your Favorite Things

Your Favorite Things

How Will Climate Change Impact
Where You Live and What You Like?

The information below describes climate impacts that are predicted to occur under various scenarios. Links to the sources of the information are provided. The Your Climate Legacy project does not endorse any of these resources.  We present this information to help you think about the fact that the world in which your children and grandchildren live will be different from the world you know today.

Do you have links to articles and/or studies about how climate change will affect where you live or your favorite things? Email us and let us know.


Where You Live:

If you live in…

The United States


The U.S.  Southwest


The U.S. East Coast

  • The intensity of Atlantic hurricanes is likely to increase as the ocean warms. Climate models project that for each 1.8°F increase in tropical sea surface temperatures the rainfall rates of hurricanes could increase by 6-18% and the wind speeds of the strongest hurricanes could increase by about 1-8%. (Source:


The following states


The Tropics





North America



What You Like…

If you enjoy the following foods…


If you like the following activities…


If you like…


If you live on Earth…

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